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HabibiDinerMEAL PLAN

4 meals a day, 5 days a week, for $100 only

Habibi Diner healthy meals, no oils, no sugar and no salt!

Whether you are looking to stay fit, maintain a healthy life style, or hit the gym and lift weight, our meals are made from the right types of food and ingredients that keep your body in its best shape, and fuel up for your exercise performance. We prepare our meals with the best selection of whole grain carbs, lean meat proteins, sources of good fat, and a mix of high-fiber vegetables full of the vitamins your body needs to maintain excellent health.


150 GR LEAN MEAT: chicken / round turkey / fish / red meat
100 GR CARBS: sweet potato / brown rice / quinoa
100 GR FIBERS: broccoli / asparagus / selection of grilled vegetables
GOOD FAT: avocado / peanut butter / salmon


Our meal plans have become very popular in Miami Beach, take a look at some of the body builders, champions, trainers and models who count on us for their diet!


Looking for a meal plan that fits your lifestyle or special case? we can prepare a meals according to your needs, whether you need specific amount and/or type of food.

Drop us a call now for your custom meal plan order!